Big Blue Report - Two-minute drill: Henry Hynoski

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Two-minute drill: Henry Hynoski

If you were to put the Giants starting fullback, Henry Hynoski, into a line-up and ask the casual football fan to identify which one was a professional football player, odds are he would not get picked.  Heck, even the more in-tuned football fan would probably pass by Hynoski.  

But he is what an NFL fullback should be.  Quiet.  Unassuming.  Typically your blue-collar, lunch pail-type ready to do the grunt work on offense.

Maybe it's a bit easier these days with computers and the Internet.  Now you can go onto a site like ESPN or NFL.com and see the players’ pictures.  One can even pull out their smart phones in public and quickly identify if the guy sitting across from you is on your favorite team.  Still, he could walk right by you and you wouldn't bat an eye.  

I asked him if he's starting to get recognized in public and he said "Yes, especially since the Super Bowl win."  

It happens even more when he goes out with his fellow Giants teammates. Last year's rookie class is known as a close-knit group who frequently hang out together.

As mentioned before, the fullback position is one of the most grueling, yet least glamorous, positions on the team.  "Hyno", as he's affectionately known by his teammates, is listed at 6'1, 266 pounds and while not overly muscular like a bodybuilder, is still a powerful presence on the field.  

He advised, when I asked, that he's been a fullback his whole life.  He's not an over-sized running back that was forced to play the position.  While he might have had more carries in high school at the fullback position, he's been primarily a blocking back since his days at the University of Pittsburgh.  

While growing up wanting to be a fullback is not on the mind of many Pop Warner players or those in the playground, Hynoski did.  His dad, also Henry, played fullback in the NFL in 1975 with the Cleveland Browns. Hynoksi called his dad a great role model while growing up and it means a lot to them being a father-son duo that played in the NFL.

If Hynoski keeps up his steady play on the Giants offense, makes his occasional catch out of the backfield and surprises the opposing defenses with the rare carry, he'll become more and more of a legend to Giant fans.

After all, he already has one Super Bowl ring and Giants fans know who their Super Bowl winners are!  

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