Big Blue Report - My Big Blue Fantasy - Week 8

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My Big Blue Fantasy - Week 8

Wow, can you believe that after this week, we've reached basically the halfway point (if you don't include the bye week, 16 game season, etc.) of the season.

The Giants Offense is a well-oiled, super-charged machine right now and firing on all cylinders.  Bad news for the Dallas D who have lost one of their studs, LB Sean Lee, for the season.  I think these are two different teams then the ones that met up for the first NFL game of the 2012 season.  I am fully expecting a good 'ol Texas shootout because let's face it Giants fans, our D certainly can be exploited at times.  Luckily, thus far, they've been a bend-it-but-don't-break-it unit, thus the 5-2 record and up there in the best team in the NFL talk.  Now let's reverse course and talk some fantasy football!


QB Eli Manning- The talk surrounding Mr. ELIte in one year has gone from IS HE ELITE?, to YES, HE'S ELITE to now IS HE THE BEST QB IN THE NFL?  Quite a difference a year makes, huh?  In our world of Fantasy Football, ELIte has also gone from average to good Fantasy QB to Aaron Rodgers-like STUD status.  You get the impression that Eli brings it up a notch in Cowboys Stadium.  Maybe this year he'll scribble this in the visitor's locker room: 325 yards, 3 TD's, Still Undefeated Here!!!!!

WR Victor Cruz- If you're like me and my fantasy teams, you cringe the weeks that you have to face Eli and Cruz.  Let's look at last week for an example. Up until the end of the game, Cruz was having an ordinary day.  Bennett had the most receiving yards and if I'm not mistaken, Cruz had about 10-12 fantasy points when RG III suddenly found an open Santana Moss to take a late lead.  So what do Eli & Cruz do for an encore, a 70-something yard bomb for a TD.  Suddenly, Cruz's fantasy numbers resembled that of a your true WR1.  That's the magic and potential frustration of Cruz as a fantasy player.  Redskins don't score that late TD, he has an ordinary fantasy day.  Regardless, the Salsa Man is a total mainstay in Super Stud status the rest of the season.


WR Hakeem Nicks- One gigantic game, yet more disappointment then a kid who didn't get what he asked for from Santa Claus.  Hey, here's to hoping that the one gigantic game helped your team get one in the win column.  Otherwise, if he's not a total scratch for a particular game, you have to start him every week.  I predicted a cautious approach that game against the Panthers and I got burned from that enormous game!  The point here is that there's way to much talent to have him ride your bench.  He's getting healthier and will be a force on the G-Men's offense the rest of the season unless he has another medical set-back.  Nicks is the ultimate Fantasy roller coaster ride.  One week he'll be at the highest of peaks, the next he'll come crashing down on the other side of the peak.  


RB Ahmad Bradshaw- He would be in the STUD category but we just never know when it comes to his foot issues.  It will be interesting to see if last week's very visible outburst with Coach Coughlin does have an effect on this production/usage or if it will push him more towards the dog house.  We're still in bye weeks, so sit him only if you have 2 better RB's ahead of him or drop him into a flex role.

TE Martellus Bennett- So let me get this straight.  Our guy goes 5 rec. for 79 yards, which is 12 points in my book, yet says he played a bad game.  His head coach also agreed with him.  He can and will do better, so he says.  He's also not getting overly-hyped in his return to his former Cowboys home.  Things that make you go Hmmmmm.....

It was very nice to see Bennett get some production finally after a few weeks of virtually bumpkus.   He stays in a STUD-like status for another week but the Travis Beckum situation remains something to keep your eye on if your an MB owner.

K Lawrence Tynes- Very few kickers are in a bona-fide STUD status.  One week can be just TD's, meaning a bunch of little ones added together and the next can be chock-full of FG's.  Looking at the way this offense is playing, I don't see too many teams keeping it down so Tynes will get his opportunities.  Case in point: the 49'ers game.  Their almighty D was supposed to shut our O down but the opposite happened.  Keep riding Tynes as your kicker until you have to switch him out for their bye week that's coming up.  


WR Domenik Hixon- Hix has been surprisingly steady both on the field and in his fantasy production.  Even with the expected re-emergence of Nicks, Hixon has a hold on the team's 3rd WR position.  For now, if you need to use him as a bye-week replacement, go ahead as you certainly can do worse!

Giants D- The unit as a whole gives up a ton of yards but as I stated before, they bend but do not break when it counts.  Tons of yards sometimes means giving up points and both are usually negatives when it comes to overall points BUT they make it up with the points for sacks and turnovers.  Also don't discount the return yardage of KR David Wilson!


RB's Andre Brown & David Wilson- Brown has shown he can handle both the whole game being the man and as a weapon near the goalline.  Wilson, with his tantalizing speed and growing confidence in his abilities, will be a major player for this team at some point.  Both are only viable fantasy options if Bradshaw is totally out though, with Brown getting first licks.

WR Rueben Randle- Same situation as Andre Brown.  When put into the position, he performed well.  For now, must try to supplant Hixon as 3rd receiver or another injury.  But if that happens, we now know he can do the job.

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