Big Blue Report - Giants bitten by Adderall again

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Giants bitten by Adderall again

New York Giant S WILL HILL has been suspended for four games in violation of the NFL's Substance Abuse Policy.  Their nemesis ADDERALL is at blame once again, the third time someone from the team has been caught using it.  Ironically, S TYLER SASH has been activated to the active roster while being suspended for using the same medication.  

RB ANDRE BROWN was also suspended for Adderral in the offseason but won his appeal.  Both Sash and Hill had doctor's prescriptions for the medicine, yet both lost their appeal to the league.  Here's a statement from Hill:

“I received a doctor’s prescription for Adderall prior to signing with the Giants. Shortly after signing with the team, I was in a meeting with (director of player development) Charles Way, who reviewed the list of the league’s banned substances. I knew at that point that this may be an issue. I was tested and the results came back that Adderall was in my system. I appealed but lost the appeal. I accept full responsibility for this situation, and it won’t happen again. The Giants have given me a great opportunity when nobody else would, and I don’t take that for granted. I feel badly this has happened. I will work hard and stay in great shape these next four weeks so I can come back and contribute to this team after my suspension.”

Hill will be allowed to rejoin the team on Monday, November 5th after their game the previous day against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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