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3 Beers before Kick-Off
A look at the lighter side of the National Football League... 
Big Blue Report
News, insights and opinions focusing on the World Champion New York Giants. 
Camp Notes
Let ProFootball24x7.com be your eyes and ears on the practice field. Whether it's Rookie Camp, Mini Camp or Training Camp, we are there 24x7 to provide you with all of the details from that day's practice. If you can't make it to camp, check in with us and you will feel as though you were there. Need proof? Check out our camp note archives from camp practices earlier this Spring.
Contests & Promos
Contest & Promos that pop up from time to time from sponsors and other fun places around the web. 
Crystal Ball
During the season, you can expect to find thoughtful analysis in each of our Game Previews. We bring out the chalk and then talk X's and O's. In the offseason, Dev Panchwagh -- The Scientist, digs beneath the surface and serves up insightful commentary on issues facing the Ravens and the NFL. School is in session!
Fantasy Blitz
Fantasy football news & notes... 
Fast Break
A column from 24x7's fast guy...Mike Fast! 
Ford's Football Focus
The NFL under the microscope! 
Fran The Fan
Fran Vojik has been a regular contributor to the ProFootball24X7 "Letters to T.L."site since 2005. A huge football fan and a former season ticket holder of the Baltimore Colts, he now roots on the Ravens from his corner end zone seat in section 134. A regular traveler to various pro football cities and football web sites, he brings an analytical and humorous perspective to the world of professional football. Bleed purple with one of Baltimore's finest and most articulate fans. You may even know him as Fran from Glen Burnie, a regular on the Baltimore sports talk radio scene.
In The Hood ~ The NFC East
The lastest developments in the NFC East. 
Lombardi's Way
A column from the 24x7 founder that focuses on the Ravens, the NFL, Baltimore, the world of sports or life's inspirations.
Media Watchdog
Some go for Entertainment Weekly or DCRTV. Why bother with those when there's the Media Watchdog?
Mouth from the South
Some things speak for themselves... 
Mr. Mojo Rizon
Mr. Mojo Rizon is 24x7's answer to The Sporting News' "Fly". If you are familiar with the Fly, you'll get it. If not, sit back, brace yourself and enjoy.
NFL CBA/Salary Cap Glossary
Your go to source for the terms that define the NFL's collective bargaining agreement ("CBA"). 
NFL News, Notes, Rumors & Opinion
Want the best stories from around the NFL in a condensed, hard hitting style spiced with a little humor? Then you've got it right here.

Opining from the bloggers of 24x7

Old School
The way football used to be played... 
Other Voices
Opinions and interesting pieces from other NFL towns & sister 24x7's... 
Pre-Snap Read
An analysis of quarterbacks in the NFL from a quarterbacks' coach, Chris Johnston. 
Sneak Preview

A look ahead to this week's matchups.

Periodically we will feature our very fine sponsors on this page, providing a closer look at their businesses along with a glimpse of the people who invest their livelihoods in the businesses. We hope that you will enjoy them the way we do.
The Beat with Aaron Wilson
Get inside the Ravens with contributing writer Aaron Wilson, Ravens beat writer for the Carroll County Times.
The Real Monday Morning Quarterback

The Complete QB Team Clinics and Individual Coaching Sessions are provided by the Complete QB Founder and Director, Christopher Johnston. For over a decade, Coach Johnston has trained young men in the Quarterback position, including high school Quarterbacks who earned HCIAA Honors in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008. His success with Quarterbacks is due to Coach Johnston's approach as a teacher of those playing the position.

Coach Johnston was previously the QB and DB Coach at Hudson Catholic Regional High School (2007 Group 3 State Semi-Finalist and 2008 Group 2 State Finalist) in Jersey City, New Jersey. Coach Johnston also served as the Defensive Coordinator, Assistant Head Coach, and Quarterbacks Coach at Xavier High School in New York, New York. Coach Johnston's assessment and coaching skills have earned him a solid reputation for his ability to develop Quarterbacks among his coaching peers and thousands of athletes.

Since 2004, in addition to his on-field coaching experience, Coach Johnston's expertise has afforded him multiple opportunities to appear regularly on a variety of Sports Talk Radio Shows regarding the NCAA and NFL Quarterback play.

Top Guns
Top Guns recognizes the most notable QB performances of the week and on occasion Top Guns will dabble in the best of the best in the world of sports or even your town. Many from the staff will serve up these delights, well... whenever the mood strikes...but regularly you will hear from the Coach...Coach Chris Johnston. 


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